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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cut to the Chase

Want to know how to cut your work day short? Come in half an hour early and stay focused all day, says Stuart Levine, author of Cut to the Chase. Levine also says start your day with the end in mind, know what you want to accomplish. I tried this tip today and it worked. His book is packed with great tips. Here are some I found useful:
* Define your top priority for the day - the one that you would sacrifice all others to achieve.
* Get organized before you do anything else.
* As soon as you understand what someone is explaining, tell them, "I got it." If they keep rattling on say, "I've got the point. Let's move on."
* Learn how to predict how long things take. As you review your to-do list, make a note about how much time you think each task will take. When you complete the task, note how long it actually took.
*Master the art of the 10-minute meeting.
* Don't confuse activity with accomplishment. Keep track of what works.


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