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Monday, March 24, 2008

Use 10 minutes well

In my quest for time-management tips, I want to pass along my latest find --a new book, 100 Ways to Motivate Others. I particularly like the tip called, "Use 10 minutes well."

Author Steve Chandler says what separates a great leader from a lousy manager is the ability to use 10 minutes well. He says you will never "find" time for anything. If you want time, you must make it. Sometimes, that item we have not found time to do will fit into that next 10-minute window -- while you are waiting for a call back or your next appointment.

I also like Chandler's suggestions to be more productive by creating a routine. He gives the example of a leader whose apartment was a mess. The man made up a routine -- Mondays, while coffee was brewing, he would do his living room. Tuesdays, his kitchen. Wednesdays the home office. After 90 days, the routine became a habit. He suggests we try this at work. Make up a routine for checking e-mail, preparing for meetings, responding to phone calls -- and follow it for 90 days. If you have a routine that's not working for you, replace it.

To read more tips from his book, click here.


Anonymous Tyron said...

When working in order to stay productive you must take a regular break. This way you will have a chance to relax a bit and refresh yourself. This is the effective way of working that can help you stay productive. Using your 10 minutes well really helps a lot, it is depends on how you use it.

2:47 AM  
Blogger Rajesh Kanta said...

Great post, taking break is as essential as being productive of what your working on. without having a fresh mind none can concentrate nor can they give their best at anything. So "use 10 minutes well is the way to go. We at HiveDesk realize the value of our workers and their hard work(contribution)

7:18 AM  

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