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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dads think their company should do more

The latest Adecco USA Workplace Insights survey commissioned in celebration of Father's Day found that working fathers have a lot in common with working mothers when it comes to managing work/life priorities. "The perception that the work/life balancing act is mainly a female struggle no longer holds up in today's workplace," says Rich Thompson, Vice President of Training & Development for Adecco Group North America.

Adecco's Father Day survey found:
* 81 percent of dads are very likely to work late or respond to emails after hours.
* 64 percent say it's more challenging to manage family life than career.
* 55 percent think companies should do more to help them achieve work/life balance.

Here's another interesting daddy fact: The economy is taking its toll on Father's Day spending. Average per capita spending on dad is expected to drop to $27.60 in 2008 from $28.97 last year, IBISWorld predicted.


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