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Friday, March 24, 2006

Need some help juggling?

Overwhelmed with all those mundane tasks that make a working mom's to-do list read like a grocery list? I just happened upon an article in USA weekend magazine about a new trend in concierge services for working parents. Apparently, malls are offering concierge services that will pick out birthday gifts for you kids' friends. Kiddie Concierge in Alexandria, Va. will arrange play dates, research the best ballet classes and pick up your child from day care for about $20 an hour. Some employers even are footing the bill for concierge services. I'm planning to hunt for these services in South Florida. In the meantime, I'm off to Toys R Us to buy yet another gift for my son to take to a kids' birthday. And yes, I have discovered buying in bulk.


Anonymous Kim Prenter said...


I run one of those services here in Coral Springs. it is called Squared Away Errand Solutions. We will plan your meals, pick up your groceries, get the gifts for the birthday party and plan the party all while you are at work. My site is and we will do all the thngs you need to get done but don't have time to get to. "get squared away...we'll give you back your day."

Kim Prenter
Coral Springs

8:28 AM  

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