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Monday, March 27, 2006

Struggling to get dinner on the table?

For those of you struggling to get dinner on the table, I find Mr. Food No-Fuss Meals to be a huge help. Here's some incentive to check it out: Mr. Food No-Fuss Meals in Coral Springs is celebrating its first anniversary in South Florida by offering $25 off. If you live a distance away, it might be worth the trip on a weekend. The concept is this: you book a session and pick out meals from a menu. When you get there, you prepare a bunch of meals adapting them for your family -- less onions, more cheese, etc. You leave with a load of prepared meals with cooking instructions on them and pop them in your freezer.
So, when you get home tired and crabby, you have the meal ready to cook in a oven tin. I have been to the Coral Springs location twice and brought home about 10 meals. I have yet to make a Mr. Food meal that my family didn't like. (That says a lot!) Here's the link for more info.


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