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Friday, March 23, 2007

What a perk!

Those lucky workers at Memorial Healthcare System! The company is footing the bill for its nearly 11,000 employees to take advantage of a concierge service, Errand Solutions of Chicago. Time-strapped workers no longer have to pick up their own dry cleaning or spend the morning home waiting for the plumber. Under the hospital system's deal with the concierge service, someone (they call them sanity savers) will be onsite full time at two of its hospitals and part time at the other two hospitals.
How great would that be to have someone take care of your car's oil change while you're at work?Frank Sacco, CEO of Memorial Healthcare System, says when surveying hospital workers, help with their to-do list was one of the perk's they most wanted, especially the nurses who typically work long shifts.
Apparently, this concierge trend has caught on. Errand Solutions says it has been offering its service to businesses for seven years. Memorial joins about 30 other hospital systems nationwide that Errand Solutions has as clients. I asked Nicole Norris of Errand Solutions for the most common request?
That depends on where you live, she said: In California, the concierges get requests for about 30 car washes a day. In other parts of the country, the most common requests are post office runs and help with sending out birthday party invites. (The photo above is Errand Solutions CEO Marsha McVicker, a smart woman!)


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