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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Balance Makeover revisited

A few weeks ago, I visited Pamela Fero. Pamela, a South Florida air traffic controller and mother of six, had allowed clutter to overtake her home. She needed professional help -- a Balance Makeover. I sent over professional organizer Diane Hatcher of Time-Savers Professional Organizing Services. Diane helped Pamela create a system for organizing her paper piles. Since my article first appeared in The Miami Herald on January 21 , Diane returned to Pamela's home to tackle the piles of toys:

  • Diane set the kids room up in zones so each had an area for their own toys.
  • She helped Pamela label each of the colored trays in the toy rack so the kids and the nanny place the toys back in the proper trays.
  • While sorting, the two women made a “move to another room” box so that Pamela would not have to leave the room every time they found something that didn't belong.
  • Diane suggested Pamela avoid using large, deep tubs because toys that end up towards the middle and the bottom, never get used.
Next, the two called in 1800GotJunk. “Packed to the gills” is how I describe this garage,'' says Albert Gutierrez, Miami franchise partner at 1800GotJunk. "Things were falling out once the door was opened.''
Gutierrez and his junk removal crew helped Pamela sort through items one by one. At the end of the day, Gutierrez hauled away two truckloads of stuff. "We swept, cleaned and tidied up,'' Gutierrez says. "We left the homeowners with a lot of space, and saying “WOW!”.


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