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Monday, March 05, 2007

What is convenience worth?

Sometimes, especially on deadline days, I'm too wiped to arrive at my chaotic home and start cooking dinner. So, I stop at the Fresh Market near my office and pick up roasted chicken or turkey. This has become a convenient but expensive habit. But I think so many working parents can rationalize spending money for convenience. In his syndicated column this weekend, writer Jeff Opdyke said his wife wants him to pay more for a "non-stop" flight to Orlando for their trip to Disney World. He thinks the $2,400 additional cost for "non-stop" is outrageous. She thinks it's worth the money when traveling with kids.
Clearly, everyone has their own breakpoint. But regardless of your income, and even if you are frugal, it's likely you've spent more money at some point in time just for convenience. And to you, it's worth it.
Recently, I've begun using a dog groomer that comes to my home and grooms my dog in RV type vehicle in my driveway. She charges about $15 more than most groomers. To me, it's money well spent. If I didn't work, I wouldn't spend the money. But finding time to take the dog to the groomer, then fighting with her to get out of my car has become a chore that's too draining. To me, the convenience of having the Grooming Wag-In come to my home is worth the additional expense. Apparently, others do too. The woman who runs the business told me she is so booked up, she no longer takes new customers.
In the Opdyke case, I think $2,400 is outrageous for convenience. But I can say I understand why his wife wants to spend it. Where though, do you draw the line?


Blogger Brian Tannebaum said...

On Saturday mornings I shake my head at the people who are standing in line at the dry cleaners to drop off and pick up their clothes as I'm walking in to my favorite greasy spoon for breakfast with the family. I've used for years. They pick up and deliver from my home or office, wherever I choose.

I would never go back to doing it the other way.

The second part of the question should be "What's a few more minutes with your family worth?

11:38 AM  
Blogger John Hilston said...

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