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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith is more interesting than our jobs

By 4 p.m. today, most of South Florida was abuzz with the news of the death of Anna Nicole Smith. I listened to the press conference on my radio in my car and my cell rang with friends asking me if I had heard the news. It quickly became clear to me: In offices around town, instead of working most of my friends were online trying to find out any bit of info they could on this celeb. Who can blame them?
Forget work. Forget deadlines, projects, e-mail waiting to be sent. One friend is so fascinated with this news, she's giving me ten minute updates. To me, it's now clear. It's way too late for the debate about using work computers for personal use. When we need the 411, we need it now - whether we're in a work cubicle or our family rooms. So on this day, when Anna Nicole Smith's death is more interesting than just about any legal matter my friend might need to finish, I'm enjoying the juicy details that websurfing allows. And, I know that many workers in cubicles nearby are enjoying them too.


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