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Monday, February 05, 2007

Want Dungy as your boss?

I would want Tony Dungy for my boss. Miami Herald sports columnist Dan Le Batard has given me reason to draw parallels between sports coaches and CEOs. And, from his description of Dungy, I would want play on his team, wouldn't you?
When the Dolphins chose Cam Cameron Le Batard gave him this advice: "the drill sergeant coach no longer fits among grown men who play a rabid insane game but enjoy pedicures, facials and massages of the body and mind." Le Batard says: "Today's most successful leaders don't bark and bite." My thoughts: Isn't this also true of bosses?
Le Batard points out that Phil Jackson, L.A. Lakers head coach, lights incense, asks his players to meditate and gives them books to read. His team respects him. In today's Miami Herald, Le Batard points out that Tony Dungy, the new winning Super Bowl coach, isn't a dictator and cringes at the idea of yelling at players or cursing.
This should be an "ah ha" moment for every boss. If you want victory in today's global business world, you need team work. And, business teams no longer respond to bark and bite!


Anonymous Willy in Miami said...

You are absolutely right. Who would not want to work for a man like Dungy.

Tony Dungy's character comes from his faith in the the Lord Jesus Christ. (His Boss)

Bosses may try to change their style after watching a man like Dungy or Lovie Smith but they need to change inwardly as well as on the outside.

This change is not an outward change but the inward change that happens when you believe.

I hope many people see Mr. Dungy and read his story. All of our leaders could learn a thing or two..

1:35 PM  

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