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Monday, January 22, 2007

The Year of the Man

After some research, I have concluded, this is the Year of the Man! I asserted this in my Jan. 17 column in the Miami Herald. As a male, you may fear that asking to work from home one day a week will derail your career. You may fear that telling your boss you need to cut back on travel will cost your job. But I am convinced changes, big or small, will happen in 2007. These changes should ease the way for men to talk about their work/life needs. Don't forget, balance is not about working less. It also can be about working differently.
Jeff Opdyke, who authors a weekly syndicated column called Love & Money, is one of my favorite writers. I really enjoyed his article on his near divorce and how he refocused his work and home life. Click here to read it.


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