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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Latest trends in resolutions

Last January, I asked some busy professionals for their New Year's resolutions for achieving better work/life balance. Most of them told me they wanted to get better at delegating. Mastering the art of delegation can be tricky. I wrote a column in The Miami Herald with suggestions from experts on how best to do it.
Checking back on the professionals over the last week, I learned most succeeded in delegating more responsibility at home or work, or both. Most say there was a initial learning curve, but all seem to have reclaimed some personal time. I resolved to gain better control over my time in 2006. A Daytimer really helped me see how much I was putting on my calendar. In 2007, I'm going to be more cautious about over committing.
In 2007, the trend in resolutions appears to be a focus on personal health and fitness. There's a new awakening that even those people who don't have time to exercise need to consider eating better and getting check ups. If you have any suggestions to help busy people improve their health, please share.


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