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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New moms want a job break

The trend today is for new moms to take short breaks from the labor force to raise their newborns. But 95 percent of moms who go back to work don't want to rejoin the companies the left. That's sure says a lot.
In today's Miami Herald, I wrote two articles on new trends discovered by researchers at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. My front page article addressed the fact that married Hispanic new moms are dropping out of the workforce in greater numbers than other ethnicities. Why? Some say it's their culture, which puts a big value on family. But the decision to stay home and the decision when to return to work may also have a lot to do with whether Hispanic women have family members here in the United States to help them care for their child when they return to work (many can't afford day care and don't feel its an acceptable solution.
My Balancing Act column addressed the fact that we are starting to see a change of attitude in workplaces. Clearly, not all employers are enlightened. Many don't realize that mothers need flexibility and if their employers can't accommodate them, those who can afford it will quit. Or find other work. If you have a story to tell on this subject, let me hear it.


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