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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Holiday office parties

A survey released yesterday found company spending on holiday celebrations is up and more employers are giving bonuses but not as much paid time with family. So which would you prefer, a paid day off, or a more lavish holiday party?
I really liked what small business owner Yvette Betancourt has planned. Her small Miami title company saw its business drop significantly this year. Yvette wants her employees to know she appreciates them. She plans to scale back the holiday party, and give smaller bonuses. But she will give her employees coupons for paid days off throughout the year. I'm sure her employees will love the idea. I would.
Most of us appreciate some gesture from our employers to celebrate the season. But I'm convinced most employees don't appreciate the lavish parties some employers host for the holidays. My advice, ask your employees what they want. Click here to read the BNA Year-End Holiday Practices Survey.


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