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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tips for Holiday Sanity

Trying to stay sane with all holiday hoopla going on? Pat Morgan, a Miami life coach has some advice. Morgan graciously has offered to work with the winner of my Balance Makeover contest. She coaches many professional organizations and individuals to help bring balance and sometimes a new direction to their lives. (To enter my contest send an e-mail to and in 100 words of less tell me why you need a makeover.)
These are Pat's Top 10 Tips for Holiday Sanity:
1. Rediscover the meaning of the holiday for you personally and decide to celebrate in a way that works for you, rather than how others say you should do.
2. Be patient with yourself and do the best you can, trusting that the holiday will be perfect however it turns out.
3. Cut back on everything, including decorations, food, gifts and activities. Think creatively about alternatives.
4. Rather than begrudge another for not reciprocating with an expected gift, keep the focus on giving.
5. Consider alternatives to traditional shopping. Buy online, send baskets, order ready-made dishes for entertaining and avoid the madness.
6. Look for ways to outsource, delegate, automate or eliminate so that you have the help you need.
7. Start a new tradition such as giving to charity or watching a holiday movie.
8. Schedule time just for you.
9. Look at the blessings in your life and actively feel grateful.
10. Let go and have some fun.
To see more of Pat's advice or learn about coaching, visit .


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