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Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanksgiving and work

Thinking of leaving town early for Thanksgiving? Your employer might not be happy but your wallet will be. And, if you remain in town and find yourself stuck working on Friday, you may be pretty lonely.

The average cost of Thanksgiving holiday air travel has jumped to $434 – up 15% from last year, according to consulting firm Sabre Airline Solutions. However, increased costs aren’t discouraging Turkey Day flyers – Sabre says early bookings are up 42% over last year, meaning travelers are doing the advance planning needed to book a cheap seat. says employers should take heed. For workers to snag a deal, many had to get creative and book flights for less popular travels days, or even extend their vacation.
Only about 69% of employers give their workers Friday off, according to the Bureau of National Affairs, suggesting that the offices open on Black Friday might be more short-staffed than in previous years. My take: if you aren't doing a job in which it's critical to work on Friday, give your employees the day off and create some good will. They're not going to be focused much on work anyway.


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