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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tips for motivating employees

My guest blogger today is Gloria Donovan, a professor of management at the University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio. Donovan has researched hundreds of articles on motivation and is working on a book on motivation. Here are her thoughts on how to better motivate your employees.

From my research, I have discovered many employers take the wrong approach in trying to motivate their workers. As a boss, rather than waste time motivating employees who will never fit in, find the right people.
One way to determine if you have good hires for a particular job description is to ask your employees to write a personal mission statement. Compare the company's mission statement with the employee's. If they match, the employee will be mostly self-motivated.
"They can’t wait to go to work everyday and do their job, because it’s exactly what they want to do.”
If the employee’s mission is not in line with a company’s, it may mean they need to change jobs or be transferred into the right department. Many times companies don’t allow employees to transfer departments for as much as six months. THIS IS A MISTAKE. Put the right people into the right departments as soon as possible.
For example, I had an employee say, "I don't want to be a sales person. I want to be a nurse. She quit and went to nursing school. Now everyone is happy. I was able to hire someone who wanted to sell and could produce.
It is better to let go of your miss hires than to try to motivate the wrong person. Stop trying to get plow horses to run races. Instead, hire race horses.


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