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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Life and work after 50

I have heard from many of you about just how darn hard it is to find a job once you surpass age 60. It's not like your brain instantly turns to mush or you're ready to eat pureed food in a nursing home. But some employers just back away from hiring older workers. For those of you looking for some work/life balance (the work part is key here) here's some interesting news.
Today, I received info about a new award that will honor nonprofits and public sector agencies finding innovative ways to hire people over 50.
The MetLife Foundation, which provides funding for the award, partnered with last year to conduct the first national survey asking Americans in their 50s and 60s what type of work they aspire to in the second half of life. Half of those polled expressed interest in jobs to help improve the quality of life in their communities. No surprise though, most also said that finding such employment would not be easy.
We all know there are jobs out there for companies smart enough to figure out how to use this pool of talent. Civic Ventures, a San Francisco think tank, says its new BreakThrough Award might help by recognizing companies who make an effort. Innovative approaches could include nonprofit organizations that create new part-time jobs to attract older adults seeking meaningful, flexible work; organizations that recruit people over 50 and match them with flexible-schedule jobs in social service and government agencies; hospitals that offer seasonal-work positions with full-year benefits to recruit and retain experienced nurses; or school districts that pay stipends to experienced adults tutoring students in math and science.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soon we won't have a choice but to hire older workers, as the baby boomers retire. Not that we can afford retirement, with our rising property taxes, insurance, college loans to pay off for the kids we continue to support, older parents in nursing homes. The balancing act becomes an impossible struggle, just when we want to step back.

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