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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stirring the pot

Are you worried about the rising cost of healthcare, paychecks not keeping up with the cost of living and not having retirement benefits? I am and a survey of about 25,000 working women shows you are worried too. Today, the AFL-CIO will host Stirring the Pot meetings across the country, giving women an outlet to do something about their concerns.
The movement is expected to be the largest, single-day, all-women voter mobilization with women in 48 states gathering for ‘Stirring the Pot’ events. The plan is to discuss economic concerns going into the mid-term elections and to urge women to vote on November 7.
This is not about politics. It's about working women having a say in issues that affect them. It's about women -- mothers, daughters, friends and co-workers -- letting politicians know we are getting squeezed between stagnant wages, failing policies, inflexible work schedules and poor publicly funded childcare. In Miami, Maritiza Reyes is hosting a Stirring the Pot event. Reyes says if she doesn't get active now, she'll regret it later. So many of us feel that way, but here's how Reyes is doing something about it: Reyes is hosting a small gathering of about 10 working women. Rather than have potluck, she's cooking dinner and all the women have to do is show up. Reyes says the women will play an ice breaker game, read articles and talk about current events. "Things are starting to concern us like social security, jobs, the future of our country and how they will affect our children,'' Reyes told me. She says working women get so busy they don't get informed about who they are voting for and why. (This is too true!) She wants to motivate the women she knows to become more active in their civic responsibilities. If successful, that's 10 more women who can make a difference. To learn more,


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