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Friday, October 06, 2006

Woman in Sports

Jill Strafaci says it was the sheer frustration(exhaustion) of long hours at her accounting firm that led to her becoming one of the few women in sports administration. Jill works as vice president of finance for the Miami Dolphins. I zipped out of my office yesterday with little notice to a luncheon where Strafaci encouraged about 100 women in Broward County to work hard and take risks. Jill is a mother and wife who has achieved success in a "traditionally" man's world. She says she has burned out on 80-hour work weeks and approached her client to let him know she was leaving her accounting firm. Her client, Mr. Robbie (then owner of the Miami Dolphins) hired her on the spot.
Jill shared her secret weapon for success in an almost entirely male workplace: she's a great golfer. She learned when she was young and played on her college team. Says Jill: "Golf taught me to play tough and work hard." It also gave her equal footing with men in the sports world. While balance is never easy to achieve, Jill says a bonus for her is that her young sons love coming to her office. "They think my career is really cool," she says. What I liked most about Jill is that she wants to mentor young women in sports administration. What's not to like about a woman like Jill!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew Jill well from RHS and she has always been one to get organised and stay on track! She was a wonder then and continues to be now. She gets her work ethic from her parents who both taught and were inspirational to all their students. Great parents and a great daughter and friend. Bruce Helbig

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