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Monday, September 11, 2006

Work/life lessons from 9/11

People really talked a good talk after 9/11. All of us vowed to work closer to home, put our families first, not take our co-workers for granted. At the time of the terrorist attacks, I had a three month old and had just returned from maternity leave. I felt for all those babies whose mothers wouldn't come home that night. In the last five years, I relocated to an office closer to home. I also changed my work schedule allowing me to be home more afternoons with my children. But I have sacrificed income and advancement and that's a luxury not every working parent can afford.
I know many working people who haven't been as successful sticking to their post 9/11 vows because their bosses won't cooperate. I feel their frustration. Just this morning, a colleague told me her boss is on her case to put in more face time, despite the fact that she is doing an excellent job working from home at nights. I am hoping that today, as memorial services commemorate the lives lost, one boss out there might show more understanding to an employee who shows commitment. Many of us are proud to be good parents and good employees and trying hard to stick to the vows we made five years ago.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was told by my employer they had no doubt I could carry out my responsibilites working from home, but that face time was needed for the sake of the business -- I think she meant for the sake of the politics of the business.

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