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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Executives say work/life balance has worsened

Interesting results of a new survey: Nearly half of more than 1,300 executives report their work-life balance has worsened in last 5 years, according to the Association of Executive Search Consultants. That must be why about half have considered a taking sabbatical.
For any business that doesn't think that's significant: 87 percent felt that work-life balance considerations are critical in their decision whether to join, or remain with, an employer.
"This should be a wake-up call to every employer," said Peter Felix, President of the Association of Executive Search Consultants.
Yet, I it a wake-up call. I really don't see executives quitting their jobs. Even when half have considered taking sabbaticals, how many actually execute on that. And if an executive leaves his or her company, will things be different elsewhere.
Take this key finding: 59% indicated that new technologies, such as the BlackBerry and mobile phone, had negatively impacted their leisure time
Felix says, "The balance of power between employers and senior executives has shifted with the executive now in the driver’s seat. Employers need to be more creative and nimble in today’s market and some negotiating tactics may include being more sensitive to candidate work-life balance needs. If employers do not listen, their competitors surely will.”
I'm curious whether that's true. Are senior executives hard to come by? And, in South Florida, where our many of our executives travel to Latin America, can a competitor really offer an executive better work-life balance? From what I have heard, the answer is no.
56% stated they would strongly consider refusing a promotion if it negatively affected their work-life balance


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