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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

19 minutes a day with our kids

I was listening to the Paul and Young Ron show on the radio this morning and they mentioned a new study that reveals working parents spend an average of only 19 minutes a day with our kids. I believe it was Paul that admitted that may be true, even though he's home in the afternoon, which is unusual for most working dads. He says he kids do all kinds of activities afterschool. True, for many of us.
I tracked down the study, which actually ran on the yahoo newswire. The study says the Office for National Statistics looked at nearly 4,950 people over age 16 in Britain to find out what they do all day. The wire report says "the startling research shows the devastating impact that working full-timehas on children who hardly see their parents."
The time use study found working parents spend only 19 minutes a day with their kids, a further 16 mintues are spent looking after their children while doing something else such as grocery shopping.
Reading this study, and the wire report, I'm fuming. I wonder how much time stay-at-home parents spent with their children. I bet they spend the bulk of their time with their kids doing something else like grocery shopping or talking on the telephone. What about working dads who coach little league teams? They are doing something else while spending time with their kids. According to the study, that would be secondary time and wouldn't count as time spent with his kids. In my mind, how much actual time you spend with your kids isn't as much as an issue as how you spend that time.


Blogger The Sarcasticynic said...

You may end up spending more time with your GRANDkids than you did with your kids in the long run.

6:54 PM  

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