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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Most men want to be Mr. Mom?

How interested are you in being Mr. Mom?
Four-in-ten working dads say they would stay at home and assume the role of Mr. Mom if their spouse or partner earned enough to support their families, according to's "Working Dads 2006" survey. Fed up with the struggle to balance work and home, 44 percent of working dads surveyed said they were willing to take a pay cut to spend more time with their children.
I wonder how realistic that is in South Florida. With gas prices soaring, insurance premiums rising and housing costs higher than they've ever been -- would any father really be willing to take a pay cut for more family time?
I do believe the survey findings that men are frustrated because they have less flexibility -- perhaps that's why the audience at my son's talent show was filled with moms, working and stay-at-home. More than half of working fathers, 58 percent, missed at least one special event in their children's lives due to work in the last year and 19 percent missed five or more. I'm willing to agree that men want more time with their families and that maybe women are bolder about slipping out of work for a special event.
But I don't know any men willing to take a pay cut to spend more time playing Mr. Mom? I'll have to survey a few at the gas pump.


Blogger Magoo said...

...its tough i'll tell ya..

Add to that being a Canadian going through the immigration process (the legal one that is).. I'm not allowed to work until congress decides to clean up the LEGAL immigration system. (We are currently three years into the Backlog Reduction System). I've had a blog recounting my MrMom in florida experiences for almost 2 years now.. Start from the beginning of my blog and enjoy the ride if you'd like to know what its like.

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