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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Accomplish more with time management skills

Who doesn't feel overwhelmed by all the stuff coming at us each day -- the e-mails, the phone calls, the gotta moment requests throughout the day. I gleamed some time mangement skills from a course I took a year ago that have helped. Carry a capture tool at all time to "capture" any to-dos that pop into your mind or arise from a conversation or meeting. Getting stuff off your mind and into a pad, notebook or PDA is a big theme in the time-management work. Then, you're supposed to schedule your to-dos on your calendar. What I need to master now is Microsoft Outlook so I can get better at scheduling and using reminders.
Productivity expert Peggy Duncan says there are all kinds of ways to simplify and organize your life using Outlook. She even teaches online courses. Peggy recommends becoming an expert in whatever technology you touch during the day -- your cell phone, your PDA, your computer. But even with all the technology available, Peggy admits she has a pad in her purse to keep track of errands. I was glad to hear that because I keep my lists on paper too. Wendy Bellissimo, nursery designer to the stars, says she keeps a pad and pen by her bed to write down things to be done that pop into her head while she's sleeping. Even with all the technology to help us organize and accomplish more, Post It Notes and paper still rule!


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