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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dad-friendly workplaces

Response to my article on divorced dads has opened my eyes further to how many fathers struggle to get flexibility from their employers. As I noted in the column, a sharp rise in equitable-divorce parenting setups has more fathers doing a juggling act.
An e-mail from a divorced dad is insightful. He writes:
"It is very difficult at work when my daughter is sick and I stay at home with her. Now that school is out, It's tough finding an affordable summer camp program in addition to coordinating pick-up times, etc.
"Will you be doing a story on what career paths and Florida companies that are more "Daddy friendly" as a follow up to this one? Or a legitimate home business that you can recommend, I would seriously consider such a business so that I can be home when my daughter is sick, holidays, and during the summer and not stress-out as much."
I have read multiple articles on best companies for working mothers but I can't recall one for single dads. I believe most workplaces are less accommodating to men who need flexibility. My male readers seem to agree.


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