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Thursday, May 25, 2006

An admirable working mom

Geisha Williams, 44, is a working mothers who has made some accomplishments we should all thank her for. She is the the Florida Power & Light executive who directs the restoration process after hurricanes. She has overseen some improvements to the power system this year that hopefully will allow our electric poles to better withstand intense hurricane activity.
Here are a few interesting facts about her from an article that appeared in The Miami Herald by John Dorschner.
* She thrives in an overwhelmingly male atmosphere. When she goes to a national convention of her power company peers, she might be one of three females in a room of 100.
* She's a working mom with two daughters, 10 and 6. Husband Jay is a lawyer. When a hurricane comes, child care is left to relatives.
* While many customers have criticized the maintenance of poles and lines - much of which is her responsibility - her efforts in storm restoration has helped FPL win two national industry awards.
* She doesn't pass the buck. Even at the worst of Wilma, when reporters were pounding her in teleconferences about why 98 percent of houses went dark, she took every question head on.
It's nice to know there is someone dedicated to her career who cares about making our community more liveable.


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