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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Get to the point

I attended a great program this week aimed at helping business women network and better promote themselves by learning to be media savvy. The EBG law firm sponsored the program in Miami as part of their Women's Initiative. The speaker energized all of the 75 women in who attended. I thought I would pass along some of her tips.
Laine Conklin of CommCore Consulting Group, runs a media-training company with extensive experience working with influential women like Suze Orman, actress Lauren Hutton, and soccer star Mia Hamm.
Her message: When you want someone to really hear what you have to say -- a boss, a customer, a vendor -- think about the message, make your point, and don't dump unneccessary info on them. Laine's secret formula: Have a headline, back it up with facts and statistics and make me care. .
Here's the real eye-opener: Laine says studies show your visual presentation counts for 55 percent of your creditability, your vocal presentation counts for 38 percent and your verbal for 7 percent. The message here: It's really not what you say but whether you appear and sound creditable.


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