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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Who are you afraid to work for?

Yesterday I lunched with a male and female manager from the same accounting firm. Keep in mind, accounting only now is beginning to make headway in helping their staff have balanced lives. The three of us at lunch debated bosses and how much they affect our work/life balance. We decided that the gender of the boss plays less of a role in their take on work/life balance than their status as a parent. Yes, there are exceptions, but we concluded that bosses who are parents tend to understand the desire for a life outside work and the competing demands on time.
Yes it is generalizing, but both this working mother and I confessed our biggest fear in the workplace would be a female boss with no kids. However I admit, I have never worked for one.


Anonymous SWLiP said...

I did have several bosses who were single women with no kids when I worked in film and advertising -- all NYC "ex-pats" to boot. Those women took years off my life.

My current, Type-AAA, male boss (who has a family) is an oasis of serenity by comparison.

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a boss myself, with no children, and having a boss with several children; I have to reply that there is some grossly incorrect stereotyping going on here. A person's (male or female) personality will shine through whatever life situation they happen to be in. If they are a controlling, reactive, stressed out mom, then you can bet that they will be the same at work with their employees. And; if they have the insight to live a busy yet balanced life that includes care of the self and soul, then they will probably encourage their employees to take care of themselves also. Give us non-mom women credit for being human too please!

12:24 PM  

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