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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Putting it all on the line

I have admiration for people brave enough to put their savings into a start up. In a column about family business, I wrote about the Brindaks who put their daughter's college tuition funds into a start up business called Miss O & Friends. Wow, what a gamble! Their oldest daughter is a junior which means she will have to get scholarships, financial aid or the company will have to turn a profit FAST! I give the family credit though for taking a chance. So many people contemplate leaving the corporate setting for better work/life balance and feel they can't. Usually starting a venture means gambling with your income, benefits and often your family savings. The Brindaks are using some caution. Mom, Hermine, kept her job and is working on the family business after hours. I plan to keep in touch with the family to see whether their gamble pays off.

Here's a link to a video in which I'm talking about the family and their boundary issues.


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