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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Spring break ideas

I'm lucky enough to get four weeks vacation a year from work so I am taking Spring Break off with my kids. Here's a good deal if you're looking for a getaway: Universal Studios in Orlando has free kids admission with each adult ticket, but you must buy the tickets online. And, if you stay in a hotel on the property, you get an Express Pass, which lets you into a much shorter line on most of the rides. If you go, make sure you bring your Master Card with you or your AAA card -- you can get some decent discounts on rides and merchandise with those two cards. We just returned and it wasn't too crowded there.

If your stuck at work while your kids are on break, the museums and local attractions have some good camp programs. Parrot Jungle's has earned high praise as has the Museum of Science and Discovery in Fort Lauderdale. My employer, The Miami Herald, offers a Spring Break program for employees and some other local business have similar programs. But of course, those businesses that offfer child care are much fewer than those that don't. Check out some of the local park camps too.


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