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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is the higher cost of living changing your work/life balance?

Is the rising cost of gas affecting more than just your wallet and lifestyle?
Some of my co-workers who commute to Miami are working from our Broward office a few days a week to save money on gas, and to ease their stress from the commute. A few people I interviewed this week have taken a second job or asked to work overtime.
I find myself spending $50 a week on gas. Though I can work from home, I don't do it very often because I like being part of a newsroom and bouncing ideas off my colleagues. But as the cost of gas rises, I'm starting to wonder if I should work from home more to make my part time salary pay off. I just read an article that says the American middle-class family are working harder just to break even. Those of us here in South Florida, where housing and insurance costs are through the roof, can relate. How are you dealing?


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