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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Female bosses - good, bad, ugly?

Have you worked for a hard-driving female boss? How has that affected your work life?
Today, a few of us women at my office debated the subject. We argued about whether women have to be bitchy to be a boss. We also argued about whether a woman who sacrifices everything for the corner office is our ideal candidate for a boss. (A resounding no!) Personally, I want to be led by someone committed to her job and willing to spend the time it takes to be a good manager. But I also want her to have respect for her employees personal lives. One of my colleagues is convinced women bosses prefer mentoring male employees and are more concerned about their work/life balance.
My co-worker's comment: "Some women are quick to throw other women under the bus.''


Blogger the working girl said...

Why is this? I recently started a blog about my female boss...I've had several female bosses and yes, while there are great moments I do have to say the majority of the time you're wondering why we're acting as if we are each other's worse enemies! Are you a female boss? Do you deal with one constantly? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

8:08 PM  
Anonymous viagra without prescription said...

in my case, my boss is a woman, very attractive by the way peer rather inefficient, I think his appearance was what helped him to come here where at the moment, good blog that the theme is very good because I I could vent a little hahaha.

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