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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Moms think their bosses approve

Fascinating facts released today in a new survey by Adecco Staffing North America: Just in time for Mother's Day, the study shows working moms feel they are doing a good job of balancing work and their personal lives.
· 68% of working mothers feel their bosses recognize they do a great job of balancing their roles of mother and employee.
· 33% of these women feel their colleagues think their role as a mother gives them more insight, the ability to juggle multiple priorities and better management skills.
· 4% feel their bosses think they are not as committed to their jobs because they have children.

I like this comment by Bernadette Kenny, SVP of Human Resources of Adecco Staffing North America: "Today’s women are choosing leadership roles acknowledging the challenges and responsibilities that come with it. And they’re succeeding!”

Of course, even though working moms have their sights set high, the survey also reveals they believe there are ways for companies to help more with balance.
Nearly half (49%) of the women surveyed said a more flexible work environment would allow them to be more adaptable as an employee and as a mother and 37% said their work environment would be more accommodating if they felt they were treated equally to working fathers at the same level or position.



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