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Monday, May 22, 2006

New Generation has different work/life views

Ana Veciana-Suarez, a columnist here at The Miami Herald, had a great article this weekend on the new generation's take on work/life balance. She asserts that recent grads aren't interested in a joyless countdown to retirement.
Writes Veciana Suarez about the new grads: "Money, they're telling us, isn't always the best inducement. It's nice to have only if you have time to enjoy it. And security - well, quite frankly, they've seen none. This is a generation interested in options (and I don't necessarily mean the stock kind), flexibility and a life not consumed by work-work-work-and-little-else."
I think her conversation with one recent grad in a dentist office could pretty much be heard in many households in South Florida were new grads reside. Veciana-Suarez says armed with a degree in business, his particular grad says he is in the market for a job.
"Not any job, mind you, but the right job, one that would fit in with his social life, which means no weekend hours - the girlfriend lives on the other coast - and few, if any, long workdays. Something or other about pick-up basketball games with friends," Veciana-Suarez writes.
I have heard law partners complain about this attitude in their young associates. I have heard managers talk about this attitude in their new hires. It's not too hard to figure out. The new generation wants a life outside of work. And, they expect the workplace to accommodate them.


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