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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Many women I meet run successful business from their homes with ideas that grew out of their experience as a parent -- they are called Momtrepreneurs. Yet, I know of few men who have gone this route. However, there appears to be a new trend -- dadpreneurs. According to 2005, Census Bureau data there are over 150,000 dads staying home today, many are caring for the kids as well as launching their own home-based businesses. Just like with moms, it gives dads the flexibility to be with their families when they want to be and still earn income.
One example is Jorden Kerner who founded Waddajuice. Kerner, created a healthy juice that comes in a spill proof bottle. A parent can stick it in their on-the-go bag, let their child take a sip, and throw it back in. Kerner's idea came from his firsthand experience with his two boys (two and five years old). Kerner, a single dad, runs the business from his home in Westport, Conn. He has two full time employees and a sales team. One of his board members is one of the founders of Snapple. Check out his website at
Tarmara Monosoff has one of the best books out there for mom inventors (The Mom Inventor's Handbook). If you're a dadpreneur, there is a lot in it for you too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Brian Rodgers said...

Great article Cindy. I have owned the names and for a long time and have just now started to see alot of interest in dadpreneurship!

Make it a great day!

Brian Rodgers

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