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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Boomers seek retirement jobs

My column today addressed baby boomers who are pushing the movement for flexibility in the workplace. These boomers seek retirement jobs -- work that allows them flexibility in time, place or duties. I received an e-mail from Linda Brickman, Human Resources Director at Braman Management Association. She says her company is employer that might be interested in considering hiring part or full time applicants who have worked previously and have retired but want to supplement their incomes or stay occupied. If you are in that position, you can contact Linda at
Another interesting note, Conchy Bretos, 61, is a finalist for the first-ever Purpose Prize, given to seniors who start businesses in their later lives to give back to society. Cuban-born Bretos founded MIA Consulting, a for-profit company that brings assisted-living services to older adults in their homes and people with disabilities in public housing.
Being a finalist is a big deal. Civic Ventures, an organization working to reframe the debate about aging in America created the Purpose Prize to highlight a group with potential for social innovation: Americans over 60. Each of the 15 finalists will receive a $10,000 investment to continue their groundbreaking work. In September, five winners will be given $100,000 each. Way to go Conchy Bretos! For more information on the Purpose Prize, go to


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