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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What working moms want

The results are in for the Working Mother Media's survey on what moms want. The survey results indicate it’s not the companies that are making life hard for working mothers. It’s school schedules, the lack of affordable daycare and the lack of support in the community.
Still, I have to wonder about some of the survey results.
For example, the survey found 75% of working moms feel their bosses ARE supportive of their family needs. Can that be accurate? I wonder if that can be with all the complaints I hear from working moms who are denied flexibility or part time work. The survey also found two-thirds of the women who asked for changes at work, got them. I guess they don't live in South Florida. Also, I have trouble believing this survey result on the cost of childcare. The survey found on average, working mothers spent $700 a month on childcare. I haven't spend less than $1,200 in my 10 years as a working mom.
Here's a finding I can accept: Most working mothers would like to volunteer at their school more, but 66% say their school’s volunteer schedule makes it difficult for working mothers to pitch in. Although I have learned to adapt my schedule to volunteer, too many working moms don't have the flexibility I do. As more working moms volunteer, I hope more PTA meetings will take place in the evenings.


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