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Monday, August 14, 2006

First day of school

For the past 10 years, every vacation has been a family vacation. Last week, I went on an island get-away with my husband. For him it was a working vacation. For me, some time alone with my spouse, the guy who usually gets lost in the daily chaos of juggling work and family. As much as I missed my kids, I recommend some alone time for all married couples.
Now, I'm thrust into the new school year, reshuffling child care and the daily routine, just like most working parents. At school this morning, I waited with my youngest outside his new kindergarten class. I was struck by how many dads were there, disrupting their morning work routines and reshuffling their schedules. I even saw a few dads fighting to hold back a tear when the teacher made us kiss our little ones good bye and hit the road. For anyone who thinks that work/life balance only applies to women, I challenge them to visit a school to see how many dads participate in the morning routines and appreciate flexibility in their start times.
Here's to a new school year and a change for many of us in our work-and-child-care setups!


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Anonymous SY0-501 braindumps said...

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