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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Friends at work

When I think about my close friends, many of them were made in the workplace. I don't think I could have made it through my early years with children and work had it not been for my co-worker Dale, who gave me so much support. Today in The Miami Herald, I wrote about a new book by Tom Rath, who works for The Gallup Organization. Rath drew on more than 5 million interviews and says having a good pal at work makes you happier in your personal life. But some businesses and employees don't see it that way. Some companies actually have policies that forbid friendships at work.
More women have best friends at work, but men seem to see the benefit too.
Richard Gibbs, who works in the public relations department at DHL in Plantation, said he sees both the pros and cons. The danger, he says, is having all your close pals at work.
"There are some people who need friends outside of work to give them balance,'' Gibbs says.
I could relate to law partner Kristen Sampo's comment about her best friend at work, Suzanne Bogdan, another working mom. "She's a stress-reliever." The women are pictured above.


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