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Monday, August 07, 2006

Working women aren't treated fairly

What do working women worry about? Basic economic issues top the list. The rising cost of health care, pay not keeping up with the cost of living and not having retirement benefits are issues of high concern to about 23,500 working women who participated in an online survey released today by the AFL-CIO, a federation of unions.

The survey reveals that most women struggle with balancing work and family, especially when many aren't paid equal to men and the country still lacks the public policies that would help them. Most women in the survey are worried about the prospects for the young people entering the workforce. I am too.

I think the comments by one women who participated in the survey sums it up well:

“Imagine getting the kids ready for school while YOU take your shower and dress. One child is coughing. YOU go to work for eight hours then pick up the kids. He’s still coughing. YOU go to the drug store for cough medicine. YOU bought the food yesterday. YOU cook for dinner tonight. YOU wash at least one load of laundry every night. YOU read a bedtime story to the kids. Your second child is coughing. YOU don’t stop for 16-plus hours. Now, tell me, do YOU need help with child care, medical expenses and some vacation time?” — Dani, Los Angeles, Calif.


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