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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Concierge Services

This first week of school has been hectic in my household. So I am particularly intrigued by the emergence of concierge services. These services offer to run errands for you -- grocery shopping, prescription pick ups, school supply shopping, etc. Wow what a concept! I have found two that have just popped up in South Florida. And, perhaps there are more that I haven't discovered.
Recently, more of these companies are soliciting employers who might have an interest in offering the concierge service as an employee perk. If my company offered such a service, I would have a hard time ever leaving. I'm sure I'm not the only harried employee that feels that way.
This week, I used a service for my dog that sells convenience. The women came right to my house and groomed my dog in her truck in my driveway. The truck was extremely clean and my dog didn't get as nervous as she usually does in a busy place. The cost was slightly higher than a typical pet shop but worth it to me because I avoided the gas cost and could check "dog to groomer" off my to-do list without leaving my house. I realize it is tough for many of us to make ends meet these days. But sometimes, a little convenience is worth the expense.


Blogger The Sarcasticynic said...

Look for more service oriented options for today's busy folk as retirees find the need to supplement their incomes and college kids find the traditional channels already filled, (probably by retirees!)

2:48 PM  

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