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Thursday, August 31, 2006

What a week!

This has been a crazy week for those of us in South Florida. I greeted the news that schools would be closed on Tuesday with dread. I knew I would still be expected to work and wondered how I would find child care. Fortunately, I found a babysitter and worked from home. I felt fortunate to have that luxury when some working parents were forced to take a vacation day or use sick time.
A growing number of companies here understand the work/family pull during hurricane season. My article in The Miami Herald identifies some of those companies that allow parents in a bind to bring kids to work. I think it has become a storm neccesity, some even turn conference rooms into day camps. BankAtlantic has a storm prep class for its employees and urges them to develop a child care arrangement as part of their hurricane preparations.
I spoke to a woman who call herself an emergency nanny. I can't vouch for her professionalism, or her performance, but her company is called A Nanny Now. Maria Vivanco, the owner told me she helped out many working parents after Hurricane Wilma. Her number is .954-360-2820 or 561-445-1302. Maria says her nannies get $16 an hour. That means you have to earn well over that to make it worth your while, or maybe just be desperate to keep your job.


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