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Monday, September 25, 2006

Helicopter parenting

A glimpse of the front page of today's Miami Herald gave me lots of reasons to rethink my stand on helicopter parenting. For those of you who haven't heard the term, it describes today's parents who are too involved in their kids lives. These parents hover over their kids at college, choosing their classes or tagging along on job interviews. I've seen helicopter parents in action and have wondered how their kids will fare in the long run. But then....
The first story I read in my paper today was about teens who beat a homeless man but didn't kill him only because the last teens who beat and killed a homeless man are on trial for murder. From there, I went on to read about a college student who was severely beaten for four days during a fraternity hazing. The boy's father reported the incident to authorities and frat boys are set to go on trial in Tallahassee.
I have to wonder, where are the parents of these children who are perpetrating these beatings? Maybe helicopter parenting isn't so horrible when you look at the alternative!


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