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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


As the new school year kicks in and organizations gear up, I find myself with a case of volunteeritis. I wonder if any of you have this disease. I have commited to be the girl scout leader for my daughter's troop. I have commited to be the room mom in all three of my kids' classes. I want to show them that although I work, I'm there for them(that guilt factor kicked in). Realizing I was starting to overcommit, I vowed to pause when anyone asks me to do anything and answer "I'll think about it.'' I was so confident it would help, that I started advising others to do the same.
But when an editor recently asked me to do a freelance article, I answered yes. No pause. No "I'll think about it." I immediately regreted making the commitment. Sure, the money is enticing. But I know I'm going to lose sleep (literally) trying to get the article done. If only I paused.


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