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Friday, September 15, 2006

Women athletes and balance

I watched an excellent report on HBO Sports recently about the women's world champion soccer team, which includes Mia Hamm. I am so impressed by these women. I was especially impressed by how they forged ahead regardless of any setbacks and paved the way for young girls to participate in group sports. One of the players continued on the team even after she married and had children. She would bring her babies to the field and run back and forth between the sideline and her practice. Her daughters now have a love of the sport too. I really loved the story she told on the report about the accident her potty trained daughter had when she was traveling with the team. Her mom asked her what had happened and the little girl answered, "I just lost my focus mom.'' While many parents are struggling with work/life balance, our kids are learning important lessons about work ethic and doing it all.


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