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Monday, October 30, 2006

Stress and an untimely death

The business community was shocked last week when Deborah Natansohn suffered at fatal heart attack at the young age of 54. Natansohn was fun- loving, vivacious and a hard worker. She broke the glass ceiling as the first female CEO of a cruise line, Seabourn Cruise Line. But the high profile job and her rise up the ranks, came with stress, lots of pressure and a hectic lifestyle that required travel. Her death caused others think about the stress in their lifes and how they handle it. I thought about Deborah when I exercised this morning. No more excuses!
Harris just released its nationwide survey adults of about 2,400 adults and found 14 different "hassles" which tend to be associated with stress: money (rising prices, 74%; concerns about money for emergencies, 53% and not having enough money for basic necessities, 36%); having too many things to do (56%); having trouble sleeping (53%); concerns about health (43%); and the illness of a family member (36%).
Many, but fewer, people say they experienced having too much information to process at any one time (33%), feeling lonely (29%) or problems at work (24%).
Miami life coach Pat Morgan says people who put in long hours at work tend to neglect themselves. She suggests putting yourself on your priority list. Here are Pat Morgan's suggestions.You can e-mail her at or visit her website at
1. Claim responsibility for yourself – it’s your life(Blaming others or outside circumstances and expecting others to make you happy only serves to make you feel powerless)
2. Un-busy yourself (Busy may make you feel more productive, important or popular, but an endlessly full schedule can be exhausting)
3. Make self-care enjoyable (Build activities into your day that you enjoy and look forward to.)
4. Say yes to yourself (Try simply saying no to someone else once in a while)


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