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Monday, October 16, 2006

Marriage and work/life balance

This weekend, I had a million to-dos on my list. In between my daughter's girl scout activities, watching my son play basketball and getting an important package to the post office, I forgot about my husband. Actually, with all the volunteering, work and kid obligations, lately my husband has fallen to the bottom of my priority list. Partly, because after almost 20 years of marriage, I've taken for granted that he's always around. Last night, he reminded me that he deserves attention too. He's right. Whether or not you have children, balancing work, time for yourself, and marriage can be tough. It can be even harder when you work long hours trying to prove yourself on the job, or make extra money.
Not long ago, I wrote a column about balancing work and marriage. I consultant expert Joel Block who authored Making It Work When You Work A Lot. This morning, I took the book off my shelf and cracked it open again. For those who need it (me, of course), here are some of Block's tips:
* Don't count on your marriage being low maintanence.
* Create new common interests
* Don't forget to be polite -- kiss each other good night or good bye.
* Cut down on television and communicate with each other. Be in the moment and really listen to what your spouse is saying.
* Be positive. It is easier to increase positive behavior than it is to directly eliminate negative behavior
* Reach out and touch each other.
Block's book is filled with tips and toolkits. But his main message is focus on the bottom line: your spouse can be your biggest ally in work and life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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It is paramount to create a healthy work/life balance in order to remain focused on the job as well as focused at home with ourselves, family, and friends. It is no easy task, but some employers are cognizant of the need for better balance and offering solutions for their employees, will help to attract and retain quality dedicated staff.

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