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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Women CEOs are generous

For those who believe the rise of female top executives is new, check out this new data: Women CEOs have been on the job longer than their male counterparts in the Massachusetts area. Out of nearly 200 businesses surveyed across the region, women CEOs on average had led their companies as the senior decision-maker for 15 years.
Even more, women CEOs are more generous, according to a joint study released on October 20 by Babson College and the Commonwealth Institute, a Boston-based non-profit support group for women business leaders.
Nearly 98 percent gave to local charities and nonprofit organizations in their community, while about a third took part in philanthropic events at least once a month, the study found. And why not give, these women are turning good profits for their business. The study shows together generating a total of $10 billion and employing more than 21,000 workers last year, the study found.
"Woman CEOs are outstanding role models for business success," Aileen Gorman, executive director of the Commonwealth Institute, said in a statement. "These CEOs value strong relationships with customers and employees and have made a key commitment to giving back to the community."
For a summary of the study, click here.


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