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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lack of sleep

If you are anything like me, you use the late-night hours to get things done. Indeed, most of us give up sleep (either late at night or early in the morning) to log on our computers and zip off e-mails or finish tasks. So, this new survey is a bit scary. The study, conducted by Princeton University, found that sleep deprivation can affect brain cells and take a toll on your memory and your thinking. No wonder I can't remember an appointment unless I write it on my calendar.
The Princeton study was conducted on rats. It found the stress of sleep deprivation after three days may include a temporary drop in the brain's production of new nerve cells and an increase in stress hormones. The good news is the effect disappeared after three weeks. Not much comfort though for those of us who continue to use late night or early morning to get things done.


Anonymous Jason Womack said...

One of the things I've done for many years - and suggest it to everyone I work with - is to keep a time log every 8-10 months.

For a full working week (M-F), I log what I "just did" every 15 minutes. Yes, it's tedious, and YES it takes time. BUT, what I have found in doing this starting in 1992 is this:

It usually takes me another 8 months to FIX all the things I'm doing/I've done wrong.

I must say, the last few times I've done this, I've realized just how much I need those "sleep hours." How much, and how many hours is still up for debate.

Thanks for sharing this, it gives me a few more resources to check in to...


11:54 PM  

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